Plan to establish taskforce to control fires

PLANS are afoot to set up a taskforce in the Northern Division to monitor the continuous uncontrollable fire incidents happening in the area.

In an interview, NFA chief executive John O’Connor said uncontrollable fire cases were becoming a major issue not only in the North but also in the West.

“The real scenario now is that fire officers are attending to almost 11 or 12 cases of fire in a day,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It’s either they are attending to uncontrollable bush, forest or rubbish fires. This is something that the public need to seriously look into as some of them start a fire without considering its consequences or impacts.

“It might start small but if people are not careful, it can quickly spread and destroy a wide area.

“In the West, a taskforce has been activated to monitor such incidents and we will soon have a similar one in the North.

“We will hold talks with authorities and stakeholders responsible to get this done.”

Mr O’Connor said the taskforce would be responsible to identify the nature of such fire cases and take actions accordingly.

“We are currently experiencing dry weather conditions. Rain hasn’t fallen for quite some time now and it’s only fitting for people not to start unnecessary fire.

“Please don’t burn rubbish, forest or bush given the dry conditions. If it’s left unsupervised, it will surely spread and this can later cause mayhem.”

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