Place he calls home

HIS love for the country and its people has made it tough for Yanktesh Permal Reddy, who is affectionately known as YP Reddy, to leave Fiji.

Mr Reddy, 80, who is the chairman of Reddy Group — the owner of Tanoa Hotels, says he wants to die and be buried here at a place he calls home.

The renowned businessman was present yesterday at a special lunch for senior members of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (TISI) Sangam as part of the organisation’s 88th convention in Suva.

He was the national president of the TISI Sangam for 24 years.

For Mr Reddy, this year’s lunch was bigger and better.

Lunch host Damend Gounder said hosting the elderly for lunch during the convention has been part of his family for the past five years.

Mr Gounder, the owner of Yatule Resorts and Tour Managers, said Mr Reddy was one of those people he always looked up to.

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