Pita fulfils his dream

Pita Drekilovoni on graduation day. Picture: SUPPLIED

Pita Drekilovoni’s success is a testimonial to others of the results of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Drekilovoni graduated from the Fiji National University (FNU), with a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, and Management from the College of Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Studies (CBHTS).

The 25-year-old from Vatukalo, Levuka, Ovalau, said his academic life was not a bed of roses, however, he left no stone unturned to fulfil his dream of graduating with a degree.

“I was not an academically strong person back in school in Levuka and attended secondary school at Delana Methodist High School from Year 9 to Year 11.

“I failed my Year 11 exams, but I wanted to do something in life. I repeated Year 11 at St John’s College and then continued my journey at Kalabu Secondary School until Year 13,” he shared.

“I lived with my namesake, who is a pastor, and he supported me financially when I attended my secondary school to ensure that one day, I would graduate with a degree.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development, and Statistics, Honourable Professor Biman Prasad, who was chief guest at the graduation ceremony, said Fiji needed quality people in different fields of the workforce.

“Graduates, you are very fortunate that you are beginning your post-university career with the new government, which has a new philosophy of making sure that we work together, we engage in dialogues and consultations to move the country forward,” Prof Prasad said.

“We have been in Government for a little more than two months, and we can feel the sense of excitement, exuberance, confidence, and freedom among all our people.

“The Government is committed to continue to invest in the lives of our children education from early childhood education to higher education institutions.

“Education is the basic human right that supports and builds a country. “It supports economic growth and development. “It serves as the catalyst for individual advancements out of our normal lives that we have come through.

“You are now equipped with the necessary skills needed to fit yourself and work through in the ever-changing labour market. Fiji and as a country, we need your talents, we need your skills, and we need your confidence to take this country forward.”

FNU Chancellor, Dr Adi Kesaia Seniloli, said the FNU Council would strive to move the university forward to help students achieve their aspirations.

“The core role of the FNU Council, is to steer the university in a direction where our students receive relevant and forward-thinking learning, teaching, and research training,” Dr Adi Seniloli said.

“The newly-appointed FNU Council and I take this responsibility very seriously. We will work with the acting Vice-Chancellor (Professor Unaisi Nobobo-Baba) and her leadership team to drive the university forward in meeting its strategic objectives.”

FNU acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Unaisi Nobobo-Baba reminded the graduates of their roles as members of society.

“As future decision-makers, your decisions will be critical to businesses that require quality financial and accounting personnel who play a pivotal role in their operations, to employees and employers seeking HR advice, or for developing marketing strategies.

“Your knowledge and skills will be valuable to employers, employees, businesses, the people of Fiji, and to our visitors from other countries,” Prof Nabobo-Baba said. A total of 1874 students will graduate during the university’s March graduation ceremonies.

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