Pink label egg pack launched

Ram Sami and Sons Ltd staff members at their workplace. Picture: FT FILE/SUPPLIED

Every purchase made on the new pink labelled Rami Sami egg pack is a contribution to the Fiji Cancer Society (FCS).

Rami Sami & Sons Ltd director Prashneel Sami Goundar made this commitment during the launching of a partnership between the company and the Fiji Cancer Society at the Wallson factory in Kalabu Tax Free Zone, Valelevu yesterday.

He said the company was honoured to be once again given be a part of this campaign against cancer.

“This year we have planned to take a different approach towards this campaign, whereby we have dedicated one of our egg packaging, a size seven egg pack of 30s,” Mr Goundar explained.

“We have redesigned this into a pink label, you’ll see that there is a logo of the campaign which has been launched by the FCS. So the whole idea is for our Fijian brothers and sisters to look out for these packs in the supermarket and purchase them.

“Through every purchase of pink Rami Sami labelled egg pack, you are contributing towards the noble campaign and supporting the Fiji Cancer Society financially to meets its goal.”

FCS chief executive Belinda Chan said they were humbled by the continuous support shown by Rami Sami & Sons Ltd in their campaign to raise funds and create awareness on breast cancer and men’s health.

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