Pigeon shooting season opened

The 2020 Pigeon Shooting Season has been cancelled Picture: FT FILE

MINISTER for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy has declared the 2019 pigeon shooting season open from May 26 to June 14.

The ministry is also advising the public not to take or kill more than five pigeons per day during the 2019 season.

Reserved areas within which it is unlawful to shoot, capture, take or destroy any kind of game are as follows; the islands of Makogai and Makodraga; between Nabukalou creek and Vatuwaqa creek; the source of Naivuivuinikawai creek to Nabiro creek (Suva creek); Koro No. 1 to Wainivesi creek (Tavua area); land situated about Korobaba; Suva and Namuka harbours including Draunibota Island (Quarry Island), Labeko, and Vuo (Admiralty Island); of Taveuni known as Taveuni Forest Reserve; Taveuni Forest; Nadarivatu Nature Reserve; Nadarivatu Nature Reserve; Naqaranibuluti Nature Reserve; Yarawa Forest Reserve; Nature Reserve; Qoya Forest Reserve; Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve; Korotari Forest Reserve; Vunimoli Forest Reserve; Lololo Forest Reserve; Mangrove Forest bounded in the West by the Namosi/Rewa provincial boundaries and in the east by the main course of the Rewa River; and the Lautoka/Ba and Tavua water catchment area;

According to section 9 of the Act, every person intending to take part during this open season should obtain and carry at all times a valid licence for 2019.

They must also be able to produce the licence upon demand by game rangers; as well as hold a licence to possess, use or carry arms and ammunition issued under the Arms and Ammunition Act 2003 and produce the same up.

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