Pig farmers benefit from reduction in mill mix price

A NEW initiative has seen a significant reduction in the price of mill mix available at a leading cooperative aimed at improving business for local pig farmers.

The price of mill mix available at FCDCL (Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Ltd) recently saw a near 50 per cent reduction negotiated by the Fiji Crop & Livestock Council (FCLC).

Announcing this recently, FCLC chairman Simon Cole said farmers in the pig industry had benefited from this which underscored the council’s importance in helping farmers improve their business.

“FCLC represents 30,000 farmers among the 14 association that makes up the council. Each is challenged by a number of issues and feed and fertilizers are among the most important,” Mr Cole said in a statement.

“For instance, if the small pig farmer were to purchase the mill Mix alone, he would pay a higher price,” he said.

“As a member of FCLC, the pig association was positioned to negotiate the substantial discount that still benefited FCDCL as well as the farmers.”

In the past years, concerns were raised by the FCLC on the prices of mill mix were generally around the $16.00 to $18.00 and were as high as $35.00 in remote areas and in outer islands.

Now with the negotiation, pig farmers and livestock owners could buy bulk mill mix from very low prices.

The FCLC is made of up fourteen commodity associations: pigs, honey, dalo, yaqona, grazing livestock, ginger, cocoa, agri-exporters, rice, and organics comprise the associations council.

Created by the Government through a Cabinet decision in July of 2010, FCLC represents the commercial interests of individual commodity associations that comprise the agriculture industry.

“FCLC is working closely with Government to better contribute to the wellbeing of the industry and see itself as a key player in contributing to the development of the agricultural industry,” Mr. Cole concluded.

As the organisation that bridges the gap between commodity farmers and Government, FCLC chief executive officer Jiu Daunivalu said they continued to support farmers through Government lobbying, provision of agricultural services, and through organising and developing farmers.

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