PIANGO special report launch

Executive Director of PIANGO Emele Duituturaga (sitted far left) with guests at the launch. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE

THERE needs to be attention given to locally led responses in communities.

This was highlighted by the Executive Director of PIANGO Emele Duituturaga during the launch of their special report called tracking progress on localisation: a Pacific perspective.

She stated that during the world humanitarian summit one of the big issues was of localisation and PIANGO was determined to do something about this.

Ms Duituturaga said there is a need to give support to local led responses because the current humanitarian system is very much about international support.

“We don’t need outsiders to tell us how to do research as we are Pacific islanders who are experts in our own development and we can tell our story however sometimes we find publications and writing in English a challenge.

“This is where we can partner with outsiders to be able to tell our stories better and particularly to have it documented.”

She adds that if they are to support locally led responses then it means they have to start before even a disaster occurs so that communities can be supported in there planning and also be supported through reliance against disasters.

Meanwhile the First Secretary for Climate Change and Disaster Management, Mr Raymond Bojczuk highlighted that the three key issues that they are looking at is firstly professionalising disaster management in the region, secondly supporting the nationally and community led responses and lastly being clear about the role of international actors.

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