Petty theft and dishonesty

While we are in the middle of an NCDs epidemic, we have another problem that is prevalent throughout Fiji.

I believe petty theft and outright dishonesty has become the daily order of the day and it’s coming from everywhere — from government, from our communities, from our churches, from villages and settlements, from relatives and from within our own homes.

The eternal struggle between right and wrong has stood before us from the beginning of time and it’s looking like we’re losing the battle of doing good.

Before us lie two paths in honesty and dishonesty. The short-sighted embark on the dishonest path and the wise on the honest path.

It is a simple principle in that by being honest and helping others one will know the truth, but by being dishonest and hurting others one is simply hurting oneself.

Character overshadows money and trust rises above fame, but honesty is by far the best policy.

Doing wrong will certainly never work for sooner or later everyone will face the consequences of their actions.

We certainly have lots to do to become morally correct.

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