Performing for mum

MELELI Lewalewa has something to say about the empowerment of women.

Tonight during the Kaila! Star Search quarter-final, the 20-year-old will articulate his message through a contemporary hip hop dance.

“I am dedicating my performance tonight to my mother Lanieta Lewalewa who has been through a lot with us and I have always admired her on how she looks after our family despite the challenging circumstances.

“Women are the backbone of every family and society and they need to be continuously acknowledged and empowered,” Lewalewa said.

Competition co-ordinator Savuto Vakadewavosa said five acts would be eliminated today.

“We are expecting a huge turnout and we also like to acknowledge the support of families and friends for the show and the show tonight will be full of surprises as performers would be trying their best to impress the judges,” he said.

* The show will be held at Village 6 Cinemas from 6pm and tickets are $3.50.

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