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If you’re feeling stressed from too much work, too hectic a schedule, the world economic crisis or even your own, turn to buds not bottles, says Dr Leonard Perry, an extension professor at the University of Vermont.

And he has also revealed that university research has linked flowers to happiness, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. Flowers and plants provide emotional and behavioural benefits, in addition to their aesthetic and environmental benefits.

This is exactly what Zubed Ali believes in as she works on her flower garden at Newtown, Nasinu daily to ensure that everyone who visits their shop is relieved of their stress, headaches or even any hardships they maybe going through.

Any passer-by along Balabala Crescent Rd in the Nasinu suburb would be surprised at how attractive the flowers are neatly planted and arranged and spread from the flower garden with many others on the balcony all looking happy as if they are ready to always welcome visitors and customers to their shop.

“I have always had this interest in flowers from a very early age and I started planting at our former Nakasi home before moving here to Newtown,” Zubed said.

“My late husband helped me set up the garden and even though he is gone, I am loving every moment I spend here because these flowers keep me company every time.

“These flowers are my babies and I am very close to them just like how I am very close to my own children.”

Every new day is a bright day for the 61-year-old because she would wake up ready to talk to her flowers and see new developments in them.

But when a flower withers or is about to die, it would be a sad day for Zubed because she would have to lose some of these flowers. It is her daily job to ensure the flowers are given water, fed with NPK manure daily so they will be able to survive the different weather patterns in Fiji.

These flowers are sold at different prices ranging from $5 to $80 and in a week she can earn around $300 a day from selling them.

She also shared that when the flowers are sick, she felt like one of her own child is sick.

The flowers range from roses, gerberas, bougainvillea, desert roses, palms, orchids, euphorbia and many others.

Zubed also believes that having a flower garden could change the feelings of a person because of its colours and looks.

“So if there is an advice I would like to give to women out there, it would be for them to invest in having flower gardens. It doesn’t cost much and is a very cheap exercise but you can of course earn good money from it,” Zubed added.

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