People urged to comply with Kawakawa and Donu ban

The banned Kawakawa fish species. Picture: FT FILE

FIJIANS are urged to comply with the seasonal Kawakawa and Donu ban and help the Ministry of Fisheries and the Government to better manage our coastal resources and rebuild depleted coastal fish stocks.

Ministry of Fisheries acting permanent secretary Naipote Katonitabua made this call today saying the Government recognised that our coastal fisheries resources were over-exploited and becoming depleted and that this situation must be turned around.

“Our coastal community food security will be placed at risk if we do not act, and the Government is committed to protecting these resources for current and future generations of Fijians,” Mr Katonibau said.

“Fiji is not alone in facing this challenge. Coastal fisheries across the Pacific and wider are facing severe exploitation and leading towards depletion,” he said.

He said this year, the Ministry of Fisheries took a bold step towards supporting the delivery of this commitment through the implementation of the seasonal ban on the catching, possession, sale and export of Grouper and Coral Trout.