PEOPLE: Staying positive

Fiona Namosimalua-Borisi attends to a client at her hair salon in Suva. Picture: UNAISI RATUBALAVU

Moving from the small town of Tavua to Suva and to set up business during the COVID- 19 crisis is no easy feat.

But Fiona Namosimalua-Borisi learnt to adapt quickly and her determination saw her operating at Shop No. 12 in Marks Street in Suva towards the end of last year.

She is also determined that she can also run a business like any other business operating in this country.

Mrs Borisi, Naroi native from Lau runs Flolem Hair Salon in downtown Suva.

that she started in September last year. She along with two other hairdressers are now running this salon. With limited office space, they seem to be a team to be reckoned with. “I started doing this business in 2014.

“I actually studied IT at APTEC but my interest was in fashion and make-up and hair dressing. “So, I just switched and followed my passion and just started a hair salon.

“In Tavua, there are only three hair salons. “Compared to Suva, you have a lot of competitors,” she explained.

Mrs Borisi said when she and her family moved to Suva for better education for her children, she started doing her business from home before she could find space at Suva’s CBD.

Mrs Borisi is a very determined lady and she has a go -getter attitude. “I can say that if you put your heart into anything you do, you will succeed.

“If other people can run a business, so can I,” she said. Ms Borisi added they provide all hairdressing needs that a lady wants like perms, spirals and the whole works.

“We also do facial and haircuts for those who need a fresh cut,” she added.

The name of her business Flolem are the initials of her four beautiful children.

This shop No: 12 is situated at the Kings Hotel Building along Marks St. Her message is to never give up.

“If you have an aim, work towards it, pray about it as well, you can achieve it,” she added.

Ms Borisi added that her aim in the future is to expand her business and invest more in the hairdressing business as this is one of the thriving businesses these days.

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