People of Serua urged to cultivate more land

PEOPLE in Serua Province have been urged to cultivate more land.

Serua provincial administrator Ravindra Narayan says the province has a total arable land area of 14,780 hectares, out of which only 5200 hectares have been cultivated.

This, he said, was insignificant considering the demand for commodities for overseas markets by the eight exporters operating within the province.

“There’s a big gap and given that we have seven or eight exporters in the province, at our doorsteps, we are sending a strong message to the people of Serua to plant and cultivate more land,” Mr Narayan said.

“There needs to be a change in mind-set, meaning that people need to come out from that subsistence farming into commercial. People need to think like business people.”

He said people needed to plant more.

“So what will happen, when people will supply for the export market, there will be no supply locally or the price will go up.

“To curb this problem, people need to cultivate.”

Mr Narayan added they have also been urging the people in the province to venture into small and medium enterprises and commercial activities.

The Serua Provincial Council meeting was held in Navua on Friday.

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