‘People not talking to each other’

Matthew Galuvakadua. Picture: FT FILE

ONE of the underlying pressures and problems that plagues most young people suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts is that they don’t talk about it, says psychotherapist Selina Kuruleca.

“People aren’t talking to each other any more, we are putting undue pressure on ourselves and we’re not seeking help or taking care of ourselves when we are stuck,” she said.

“We do not talk about issues like the need to succeed, relationship problems and poor coping mechanisms.

“I urge parents to make an observation of your kids and talk to your kids every opportunity you get.

“Talk to each other, be kind to each other, seek spirituality, seek positive healthy coping mechanisms and acknowledge that things are bad now and that we can all work through it.”

Youth Champs 4 Mental Health representative Matthew Galuvakadua agrees.

“Everyone’s so caught up with what’s happening with themselves which we believe has to do with smart technology.

“They are just worried about the likes and comments on their social media status and don’t notice people around them.

“If we can’t read the emotions on people’s faces or their behaviours then what’s going to happen?” he asked.

“This issue needs to be focused on more than anything.”

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