People frustrated

THE rate of development in Namosi Province is slow and is frustrating the people, says Namosi Provincial Council chairperson, Ratu Romanu Matanitobua.

However, he said, the council was working on a list of key point indicators (KPI’s) before a particular development takes place.

“For the council, there have been a lot of unresolved issues,” he said.

“The KPIs deals with which development that needs to be taken first and which ones to be taken later.

“The development needs that were raised beforehand are still pending and it keeps increasing so people are getting frustrated because the first resolution raised by district leaders has still not been met.”

Ratu Romanu also commented on the assistance made by Government and said the council was working to ensure that development best suited the people of Namosi.

“We need to properly assess what’s already been done and maybe do a better job later.

“So at the moment we have a structural committee that is currently looking at other motions raised during the meeting to ensure that the same issues are not raised over and over again.

“We are working to ensure that the development is for the people and it should be well accounted for.”

Ratu Romanu said the province was also looking at other resolutions which included the construction of Namuamua Nakavu road which would ease travelling from Namosi to Nabukavesi .

The meeting ends today.

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