People compare Keni with Winston

RESIDENTS in Navua left no stone unturned as they prepared for Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni yesterday.

Resident Suban Ali said the devastating winds associated with the cyclone was similar to Severe Tropical Winston in 2016.

“I can say that this cyclone is no different than Winston,” Mr Ali said.

“Households near the Navua area had prepared themselves for this, as it is when there is heavy rainfall, the Navua River starts to rise and people living along Navua Town area will eventually be affected.”

He said the Government had provided evacuation centres for the nearby areas.

“Evacuation centres such as Rampur College will be used by evacuees.

“There are some areas that were not affected by the floods, but these are places that will be affected by strong winds.

“Since there are no buses going, we have taxis and some private vehicles helping people reach their destinations.”

Another resident, Ravuama Saud, said they were prepared for the worst.

“I must say that Cyclone Keni is no different from Cyclone Winston,” Mr Ravuama said.

“People along the Navua area are well prepared for this cyclone as it is evident that most areas that are likely to be affected had prepared themselves and the preparation had been done earlier in the week.

“People living in low-lying areas have been told to move to higher grounds.”

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