‘People are desperate’

Arvind Singh at his cane farm in Ba. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

People are sleeping in caves to be in close proximity to their farms, they are desperate and they need money to provide for their families.

These were the sentiments expressed by Ba canefarmer Arvind Singh.

He said he has spent the last two months trying to assist people in desperate need, but there was only so much he could do.

“I try to help the people in my community, but the situation is getting worse,” he said.

“I’m a canefarmer and all I can offer is land or food if I have enough to share.

“But we have people who will sleep in caves just to be near their farms. They are far away from their homes and they make that sacrifice for their families.

“This is what is happening on the ground. People are desperate.”

He said he offered a piece of his land to a single father of three earlier this year after he could not pay rent and his family had nowhere to go.

Mr Singh said even farmers were doing it tough.

“The money that we get is not enough.

“When I received the fourth cane payment, I did not have anything left in my account, I spent it all repaying loans to repair my truck and to find labourers.

“A lot of us are struggling to stay afloat.”

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