PEOPLE: Aquaculture man

Samuela Vueti is a firm believer in aquaculture. Picture: RAMA

Aquaculture has supported Samuela Vueti in more ways than one, something he is grateful for today.

Mr Vueti, who started his aquaculture farm 20 years ago, now has six ponds entirely dedicated to grass carp, prawns and tilapia.

At 62, Mr Vueti started his aquaculture business from scratch having only his family’s support to get the self-funded project running.

He said he has seen the many benefits allied with aquaculture and he encourages Fijians to take up the business.

Being from Levuka in Ovalau, he worked hard as an orderly with the Ministry of Health’s St Giles Hospital in Suva before pursing the idea of operating his own fish ponds through aquaculture at Wainibuku, Nausori.

“When I was working as an orderly I started running my first fish pond and it was successful. I started with prawns and tilapia,” he said.

“There were some challenges associated with prawn farming but it didn’t stop me from raising them in my farm in Wainibuku.

“Tilapia was a more successful product for me compared to prawns and then I later went onto grass carp farming because demand grew every year especially from the Chinese community here.”

He said from being a self-funded business it quickly moved into a semi-commercial business having a good success rate.

“Fish stock was good before harvest time and the demand was there so the business grew and revenue came in.

“With aquaculture I was able to put my children through school and pay for some very expensive tuition fees. One of my children is a pilot and we all know of how expensive aviation is, but I was able to pay that off through the money earned from aquaculture farming.

“One of my children is an information technology (IT) specialist, one a surveyor and another a director human resource for a prominent company in Fiji. I was able to provide my children with good education because of the farm.

“I have been able to provide better for my family without any problem, all thanks to aquaculture.

He said young people should tap into aquaculture because it had a lot to offer and doesn’t require a lot of work like other farming system do.

He added aquaculture was a good investment move for anyone hoping to start a new business in Fiji.


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