PEOPLE: A shining star for the visually impaired

Visually impaired Kavita Singh with her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Management from FNU. Picture: FNU.

Despite being visually impaired, Kavita Singh managed to attain a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Management.

She said studying at Fiji National University’s newly established Nasinu campus disability centre made her academic achievement possible.

Ms Singh says people living with a disability should not let it impede their plans to play an active role in life.

She not only completed her tertiary education, but also found employment as a teacher at the Fiji School for the Blind.

“I did not want my disability to hold me down in life,” she said.

“I have worked hard to fulfill my dreams and I am extremely blessed and thankful to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey — either financially or in any other way.”

She said FNU’s Disability Centre provided an empowering environment for students with disabilities.

“The disability centre played an integral part in my academic journey through the provision of learning resources such as enlarged prints, arranging consultations with lecturers and facilitating arrangements for examinations among other things,” she said.

Ms Singh said FNU’s department of student services through the placement unit under the Office of the Registrar had also assisted her in applying for opportunities at various companies.”

Ms Singh said she completed her practical attachment at the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service before taking up a full-time teaching position at Fiji School for the Blind.

Her advice to people living with disabilities is ‘go through your challenges, embrace your hardships and learn from your failures.’

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