PDP gears for Sydney rally

THE People’s Democratic Party is starting its political rally in Sydney, Australia, next week.

Confirming this, party leader Lynda Tabuya said she would be leading the party’s rally in Sydney.

Ms Tabuya said she had adopted a new strategy for her campaigns.

“My strategy is informal approach. I want to sit down with people and talk to them like family,” she said.

Ms Tabuya said during campaigns she wanted to sort out the issues affecting the people on the ground.

She said the party had a lot of supporters in Australia and the upcoming rally would be an opportune time for her to harness the support, adding the party was looking for young individuals to come on board.

“We need young people. Young in terms of their political career,” she said.

She said those who were passionate about politics had a great opportunity with PDP.

“I want to come on board so I can help young people harness their political career and turn them into a powerful force.”

She said in this day and age, people wanted to hear young leaders.

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