Payment dispute

National Federation party leader Biman Prasad. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

REALTOR and FijiFirst candidate Reginald Jokhan has accused National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad of failing to pay him in full for a property allegedly sold in 2013.

The claim has been refuted by Prof Prasad.

Mr Jokhan made the claims while speaking at the FijiFirst Family Fun Day at Koroivolu Park, Nadi on Saturday.

He alleged he sold a property at Sekoula Rd, Laucala Beach belonging to Prof Prasad in 2013 for a sum of $215,000.

He claimed he had only been paid about $5000 or $6000 of the promised $15,000 sum.

He also alleged that upon confronting the NFP leader, he had been told he “would be audited”.

In response, Prof Prasad labelled the claims as “frivolous and defamatory”.

“Reginald Jokhan never sold my property in 2013,” he claimed.

“Mr Jokhan is supposed to be a professional real estate agent. I would expect a professional person to keep confidential the work he does for his clients. If that is what he wants to talk about now that he has become a politician, people may as well have the full facts. The facts are Mr Jokhan arranged for a buyer of my property in Laucala Beach Estate around 2003 or 2004.

“He was paid $5000 as commission as verbally agreed between us.

“In fact, Mr Jokhan was so desperate for the money that I paid him before the due date of the payment. He told us he needed money urgently to pay fees for his daughter’s education in New Zealand.”

Prof Prasad claimed the sum of $5000 was paid in cash by his wife inside the branch of a bank at Centrepoint in Laucala Beach because Mr Jokhan had insisted on cash payment.

“Later, he wanted more money despite verbally agreeing to a sum of $5000” he claimed.

“This is the kind of downright lie and gutter-level politics that Mr Jokhan and other candidates of FijiFirst are spewing in their campaign.”

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