Pay dispute

Congratulations to all living beings who through the blessings of the Lord Almighty have said good morning to the first day of the third month.

Indeed time has whisked by and January first looks a distance now. I have been following the “cat and mouse” game or shall I say the “dirty blame game” with regards to the pay dispute arising from last year’s RLWC.

I thought that by now our players should have been paid and that this payment be topped up especially after the heroic victory against the hosts NZ. It’s more than two months and our players are yet to be paid.

According to FNRL the payment has not been released by NRL, which needed to meet Australian financial regulations before releasing the funds.

I feel that NRL must come out clear and help solve the impasse between the players and FNRL if there is some element of truth in what FNRL CEO Timoci Naleba mentioned in yesterday’s The Fiji Times.

Players have threatened to boycott representing the Fiji Bati if the issues were not solved.

This is saddening as it will spoil the reputation of our Bati side, which made headlines after making it to the RLWC semis. On the other hand, after the RLWC, issues such as team apparel, team jerseys, passports being lost, reapplying for new passports, visa issues and continuous late allowance payments have surfaced.

I urge dialogue between the parties.

We must seek assistance from NRL on this matter to solve the impasse.

Rugby league lovers need to know the truth.

This matter is getting serious and is painting a bad picture of Fiji.

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