Pay cut for MPs

IN the past few months a lot has been said about the minimum wage rate and how it can be addressed.

I am no economist of the Pacific nor hold a Ph.D in economics, but I feel that all parliamentarians should only be paid $50,000 per annum.

Never mind whether you are the A-G or PM, it is still taxpayers money and I believe a large sum of money is wasted every year on parliamentarians plus the meal allowances.

I believe once the wages are brought down for all ministers, the minimum wage rate can be easily raised to $5 per hour.

I believe our ministers are not doing a hard job that they are paid so much.

I believe the taxpayers’ money should be spent heavily on the people and not on ministers.

I feel ministers can survive with huge pay cuts. $50k is a lot of money.

We should all vote for wages that our ministers should get, just the way we vote for whom we want to run the next government.

The election is less than a year away, so why not add a voting criteria for how much our ministers are paid per annum.

I believe all underpaid will get a pay rise because of the amount of money government will save.

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