Paving the way forward through farming

The graduates after receiving their certificates with invited guests. Picture: MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORTS

Any youths are now depending on agriculture as a means to support themselves and their families.

With agriculture being one of the most lucrative sectors in Fiji, younger individuals will find financial stability if they invest their time and effort in farming.

Many youths have seen the positive impact of farming and have found their footing in developing their skills further by enhancing good business plans.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports through various workshops have helped youths’ pave their way forward in societies.

One of those workshops, the Seed of Success and Land and Farm Management Training, was organised by the Ministry at Koronubu in Ba this month.

Thirty youths from Koronubu graduated showcasing determination in managing their farms one day.

Closing the training as highlighted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports was the Fiji Police Force deputy divisional manager community policing in the Western Division, Inspector Melania Bulou.

Insp. Bulou in the Ministry statement expressed her gratitude to the youth participants for their active involvement in the training.

She urged the youths to apply the knowledge and expertise shared by the experts in the field of agricultural development.

Significant achievements were accomplished by the participants. It included construction of a nursery, land preparation, and potting of 50 trays of various vegetable varieties.

The accomplishments according to the Ministry showcased the dedication and commitment of the youth towards sustainable farming practices.

The Koronubu Youth Club extended their sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Agriculture for their collaborative efforts in bringing the initiative to Koronubu.

The partnership highlighted the government’s commitment to empowering the youth and promoting sustainable land and farm management in Fiji.

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