Patterson reminisces younger days in Fiji

Able Seaman Chelsey Patterson is a Royal Australian Navy Medic serving on HMAS Adelaide. Picture: SUPPLIED

FORMER Holy Trinity Head Girl, Royal Australian Navy Able Seaman (AB) Medic, Chelsey Patterson had been awaiting her visit to her hometown of Suva after three long years.

AB Patterson who is employed with the HMAS Adelaide says Fijian people are extremely accommodating and welcoming.

“I find that Fijian people are extremely accommodating, welcoming and Fijian culture as a whole is very happy and caring,” AB Patterson said.

“It’s something I’m very excited to be a part of again and it’s what I miss the most about living in Fiji.”

She said she will pay a visit to the St. Christopher’s Orphanage in Naulu during the ship’s port visit, which is a place she holds very close to her heart.

“I grew up volunteering and helping at the orphanage,” she said.

“I remember bringing sweets and ice-creams to the children at the orphanage, and attending Easter camps to show them lots of arts and crafts.”

She is currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science through Victoria University.

“Education is really important to me. When I’ve finished my studies, it will open up a lot of opportunities to further my career in the medical field,” she said.

“I came across an advertisement to become a Medical Sailor in the Royal Australian Navy while I was doing one of my assignments, and I thought it looked like a good way to expand my practical knowledge.”

Able Seaman Medic Chelsey Patterson conducting medical training in the Flight Deck Triage compartment of HMAS Adelaide. Picture: SUPPLIED

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