Patients encouraged to take advantage of surgery

HYDROCELE patients in the country may have to pay about $3000 to $5000 to have the condition corrected surgically says consultant urologist Dr Sireli Kaloucava.

Dr Kaloucava said the World Health Organization funded project against hydrocele progressing in the North was free to members of the public.

He therefore urged those living with the condition to visit their nearest hospital or health facility and receive free surgical treatment.

“There are two types of hydrocele and one is caused by lymphatic filariasis which is caused by mosquitoes while the other is caused by stress, trauma and other factors known as idiopathic hydrocele,” he said.

“In the case of the one caused by filariasis, the condition involves the blockage of the lymphatic drainage of the scrotum that causes blockage and swelling,” he said.

“There is thickening in the skin and redundant tissue making the scrotum grow big abnormally further affecting the social lives of those affected.

“This sort of project is targeted at improving the socioeconomic life of an individual to relieve him of the social, mental and emotional stress that he goes through from the hydrocele considering the social stigma associated with the condition.”

Mr Kaloucava advised those living with the condition to come forward for treatment as it is curable and not like cancer which is a threat to human life.

“Surgery is the only way forward and the few people we have treated are very happy and relieved and it is life changing for them,” he said.

“It also gives people a chance to go back and live a normal life providing for their families.”

Meanwhile, the hydrocelectomy operation team will be dealing with cases from Rabi and Savusavu this week.

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