Patients commonly admitted for ‘dope’

Police with the uprooted marijuana plants from Kadavu. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE most common drug that has been abused by patients that have been admitted to the St Giles Psychiatric Hospital is marijuana.

This was revealed by the consultant psychiatrist at St Giles, Dr Balram Pandit, in an interview with this newspaper on Thursday.

He said they rarely received cases of patients with cocaine addiction.

“I understand why we as Fijians have become more concerned these days as far as marijuana is concerned,” he said.

He said one of the major concerns of the hospital was the new drugs that were surfacing in the country.

“We are especially concerned with newer drugs which were not that common before like amphetamine and some cases of cocaine and ice,” he said.

He said recently they had found cases of abusers of these drugs being brought to the hospital.

Dr Pandit added the use of these hard drugs led to a lot of psychiatric issues.

“You can start with the milder variety or issues like anxiety or mild anxiety, and mild depression. It can range up to severe anxiety and severe depression, it can lead to psychosis as well where people experience symptoms similar to schizophrenia,” he said.

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