Patel stands for NFP

The National Federation Party provisional candidates Kirti Patel (left),Seni Nabou and Vinay Vikshni Lata at the head quarters. Picture: RAMA/FILE

After contributing her opinions on matters of national interest in The Fiji Times‘ Letters to the Editor section for many years, Kirti Patel is taking her views to the national platform as a provisional candidate for the National Federation Party to contest the 2022 polls.

She said she was standing for public office because she wanted to make Fiji a united country where each citizen could live without fear, in peace and harmony.

“Fijian politics is very challenging,” she said. “Citizens are afraid to speak out, people are scared to openly support Opposition parties.”

An ardent contributor to the Letters to the Editor section, Ms Patel said expressing one’s opinion on public issues was a platform where Fijian voices could be heard.

“Most of my thoughts are made public through the Letters to the Editor column.

“I think the current political situation can be improved a lot in terms of eradicating poverty, enhancing freedom of speech and creating a real democracy where people can feel at ease to speak their minds.

“Laws must be made for the people and made through proper consultation with the public. Our people matter.” She claimed the biggest issue facing Fiji today were the failed promises of the FijiFirst Government.

“Some examples are – open heart surgery at the Lautoka Hospital, four-lane roads promised in the 2018 elections, the Waila City project, a rail service between the Nausori and Suva corridor and many other promises that never materialised.

“The cost of living has skyrocketed under this Government.

“The reality on the ground is that almost 40 percent of our people are living in poverty, hard drugs are on the streets and easy to buy, Fiji does not have skilled workers in building and other industries.

“There has been minimal development in infrastructure and educational institutions, and the poor state of our health sector especially the state of the public hospitals.

“The Lautoka swimming pool project is not complete, neither is the 2018 promise of the four-lane road between the Nadi-Lautoka corridor.

“Much of our development issues can be resolved through poverty alleviation, genuine consultation, creating employment, creating a safe environment for investments, enhancing the freedom of speech and upskilling citizens especially students to learn a trade – including nursing and aged care.”

She said she hoped to bring some effective changes if voted into Parliament.

Ms Patel has worked in the retail sector, in an accounting firm, a law firm, as a chemist and has also worked for a non-governmental-organisation. She is always ready to take on a new challenge.

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