Pastor voices opinion on sex offenders

A senior pastor from the World Harvest Centre church in Kinoya, Nasinu made a recommendation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights to rehabilitate offenders but keep their names registered under the Sex Offenders Registry.

Pastor Manasa Tusulu highlighted this during his submissions to the committee saying it was his personal opinion.

“We want to remove the record for a period of time, the other part that we need to consider is people always play around with the rules as the Bible says that the heart of men is deceitful,” Mr Tusulu said.

“So my opinion is keep the record there, we rehabilitate the person and they will become better but let the record remain.

“Record always helps people, it helps us to really know these people were involved in this and this is the record for them, just like the Bible is written all those evil deeds that people did is recorded there and they become changed people and it is also recorded there so it helps people to balance everything so they can become better citizens.”

Mr Tusulu made his submissions on Thursday.

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