Past few days tough, says Rawalai

RESIDENTS of Nubudigilo Settlement beside the Waikubukubu River in Tavua experienced several landslides and flooding during Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni last week, said Akanisi Rawalai.

Ms Rawalai, with her three young children spent the past few days trying to recover their belongings washed away by floodwaters brought by Severe TC Keni.

“The past few days has been really tough especially when we are trying to get to town and there were crossings that were cut off,” she said.

“We did not expect the water to rise up that quickly and I had to move my children to a neighbour’s house on a hill.

“By the time we came back, our kitchen was gone and everything inside our house was wet.”

She said assistance had been trickling in to the settlement near Nadelei.

“Most of the help that we are getting come from relatives and charity groups.”

Grog Masters president Amol Kumar said they visited the family over the weekend.

“We took some food and school stationery for the people visited,” he said.

“The families that we try and help are those that are really in rural areas and are very hard to access.

“These people need all of the help they can get.”

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