Passion to serve

SODELPA provisional candidate Adi Narayan (third from left) with fellow candidates at a gathering last Saturday. Picture: ATU RASEA

HIS passion to serve his country through the experience he had gathered during his 20 years of service in the Cook Islands has prompted Adi Narayan to venture into politics.

Mr Narayan is one of the 42 provisional candidates who will contest this year’s general election under the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) banner.

“I’ve joined SODELPA after looking at what’s happening here, I am not critical of the present administration, but I am sure SODELPA can do better,” he said.

Mr Narayan said he had observed the policies of the party and would be advocating on issues pertaining to education, health and safety accordingly.

“Education is very important and it starts at home, if your upbringing is well, you will take that into your adulthood. If you live in a society that is not conducive to good upbringing, it’s going to carry forward to your adulthood also.

“What I’m saying here is that parents need to educate their children and we will make sure SODELPA offers the best assistance.”

Mr Narayan is well-known in the boxing sport fraternity, and is a qualified accountant and certified hospital administrator.

Mr Narayan returned to Fiji a year ago after spending 20 years in Cook Islands.

He was employed in the commerce, health and tourism sector.

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