Passion to profession

LEAVING school at the age of eight, Sushil Chand had no idea that he was going to become a successful fishermen in his area of Korovatu in Labasa.

His love for fishing has now made him one of the most successful fishermen and he now owns seven fishing boats and even has people working for him.

“I only reached Year 3 level in primary school and stayed home to help my parents,” he said.

Mr Chand said one thing he enjoyed back in his young days was fishing.

“I’ve always loved fishing and when I go out to sea, I always made sure that I come back with a huge catch because that would mean lots of cash,” he said.

“While out fishing one night with my crew, I realised the importance of having proper fishing boats with proper shed and rooms for us to rest while out at sea so I decided to build my own fishing boat.”

Mr Chand said what started off as just a pastime work for him at home had now turned into a gold pot for him and his family.

“I never attended any university to learn joinery and carpentry but I became one of the most needed boatbuilders in my area,” he said.

“A lot of fishermen in my area would always come over to my little workshop by the river at Korovatu for me to either fix their boat or build one.”

Mr Chand said people who would want him to build a boat would buy their own materials and he would build it for them.

“My charge for building one boat is $1500 and the money I get is saved into my savings account,” he said.

“This is now my 10th year of being a boatbuilder and I have successfully sent my three children to school whereby my eldest daughter is studying at the University of the South Pacific and my youngest is attending Nagigi Primary School and I even managed to build a house for my small family.”

Mr Chand builds boats and he continues to go out on his fishing trips with his crew.

“Even though I get good money from building boats, I still go out on my monthly fishing trip,” he said.

“I always believe that knowledge and talent come in naturally if you just believe.”

Mr Chand said it doesn’t take a diploma or a degree for anyone to become successful in life; it takes courage and sheer dedication to get things done.

“Believe and you will achieve,” he said.

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