Passion for teaching

RAVINDRA Anand has always had a passion for teaching and despite retiring seven years ago, he believes he still has a lot to offer for the betterment of the younger Fijian generation academically.

Master Anand, as he is commonly known, is a familiar face to parents and former students of Rishikul Primary School, MGM Primary School, Arya Samaj Primary School and Narere Primary School as he was the headteacher at all those schools during his teaching days.

At 62 years of age, this gentleman still enjoys this passion and is teaching a few students at his Nasole, Nasinu home.

“Before retirement, I had done a lot of planting on my front yard but because I had a few health issues, my gardening had to stop and I visited Australia to see my grandchildren,” he said.

“I was always looking forward to teaching children and I started with three children using the New Zealand, Australia and Fiji syllabus and they were able to achieve 100 per cent results in Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LANA), which made me happy.

“It gives me pleasure and satisfaction when children are able to learn and understand different subjects especially when I taught them.”

Mr Anand believes that next to God is time and it is important for any person to use and manage his time very well.

It is because of his good time management that he is still able to conduct private tutorials at his Nasole home and he is not thinking of finishing it any time soon.

In 2014, he asked his wife, also a retired teacher, if she wanted to teach at least one or two children in the sense that it could keep her occupied.

This private teaching, Mr Anand said, had made him another person and he admitted the children they were teaching had added years to their lives because they would always give them a new breath of life every time they were together.

“I would advise any younger people or even older ones to be very active in whatever they are good at because they can contribute a lot to our entire nation,” Mr Anand said.

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