Party vows unity

Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube. Picture: FT FILE

UNITY Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube says his party brings a new political leadership focused on uniting Fiji.
Speaking to the law students of the University of Fiji recently, Mr Narube claimed the party had a multiracial, moderate and progressive platform together with people-centred leadership to build national unity that Fiji desperately needed.
“Our major problem in Fiji up to now is the lack of national unity brought about by political leadership that divides us which has cost our youths dearly,” he claimed.
“The reality is that we happily co-exist among our multi ethnic communities in Fiji. We have differences, but the people live in harmony across Fiji.
“Political leadership must respond to the needs of the people and not feed their own agendas. We bring a new movement to unite all races within our diversity.
“This, I believe, is the future of Fiji. It is through understanding of our differences.”
He stressed the importance of the youth votes in choosing a leadership which was visionary, inclusive, fair, and people-centred.
“How often have we seen our political leaders ignore the wishes of the people who voted them into Parliament and pursue their own ideologies? Fiji sorely need inclusive leadership that respects the wishes of everyone.
“This, I believe, is the key to a united future that will give our youth a better Fiji.”
He cautioned the students of the many propaganda that were out there which came in different forms.
But he said that the truth was out there too and urged the students to go beyond what they heard and saw, and to use the truth to vote.

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