Party to meet to finalise candidates for polls

Freedom Alliance Party leader Jagath Karunaratne Picture: RAMA/FT FILE

THE Freedom Alliance Party will hold a meeting with its constituency members in Suva today to finalise their candidates, agree on the party’s manifesto and map out a campaign plan for the 2018 polls.

Party leader Jagath Karunaratne said the mapping out of the party’s campaign plan would focus on allocating resources that are required for each division.

“There has been lot of enthusiasm since I returned and it is absolutely overwhelming. I was requested to visit Nagado Village in Nadi and by the time we arrived, everything was organised for the meeting.

“The banners were up and the people were waiting. We were then taken right to the interior, as far as Natawa Village and they have organised for us to visit 82 villages in total. “It is absolutely amazing and I am extremely happy to be back with people and love doing what I love the most.”

The party also confirmed that they have short-listed 31 candidates out of 79 applications received.

“However, the candidacies, the goal to achieve unity, coalition options and the decision on what role the party will play in the upcoming elections will be decided and announced within the next two weeks. “The campaign has already started, especially in the Western Division. We have also received confirmation from the North that a schedule and plan of visitations will be brought forward for approval by the party tomorrow (today).

“We will discuss all these matters tomorrow (today) and plan out our program for the next couple of months.

“The management committee and the constituency members will spend the day after the meeting tomorrow (today) and discuss various options, strategies and other activities.

“The party will also hold a press conference on the way forward for the party with certain announcements.”

The meeting will be held at the Fiji Labour Party office at Varani St, Suva

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