Party reinstates leader

Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) leader Jagat Karunaratne. Picture: FILE

BUSINESSMAN and politician Jagath Karunaratne has been reinstated as the Freedom Alliance Party leader.

Mr Karunaratne was earlier convicted and sentenced to more than two years imprisonment with former Opposition Member of Parliament Mosese Bulitavu for sedition offences.

However, in a judgment delivered by the High Court in Suva last month, High Court judge Justice Vinsent Perera said there was a substantial miscarriage of justice and set aside the conviction against the two and ordered a retrial into the case.

Mr Karunaratne described the moment of his reinstatement as a very emotional one and said he was glad to be back in the political scene.

“The current president, Mr Volavola was in tears of joy to acknowledge me as the founder of the party in agreement with the rest of the members,” he said.

“I am really happy to be back with a team of highly spirited individuals who are tirelessly and passionately working to achieve the vision and mission of the party.”

He said the party would hold another meeting this week to finalise a few other positions and the management of the party as they had members joining from as far as Yasawa, the West and also from the Northern Division.

“As a young party, though in existence since 2014, our position today is possibly to support another party if we could come to an agreement.

“Our discussions on the importance of unity have never faded and we will continue to push towards it. We have ongoing discussions with other parties.”

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