Party HOPEs for smooth election

HOPE party leader Tupou Draunidalo. Picture: FT FILE

POLITICAL parties have stepped up preparations after the issuance of the Writ for Election yesterday, and the HOPE party is no exception.

Party leader Tupou Draunidalo said the party had been preparing for the coming election soon after they were registered.

“Our preparations are continuing from when we were registered and we are looking forward to elections,” Ms Draunidalo said.

“We are just hoping that it is smooth, credible and we get on with it.”

President Jioji Konrote issued the Writ for Election for the 2018 General Election yesterday.

Nomination for political party candidates will begin at 8am today and close at 12 noon on October 15, 2018.

Ms Draunidalo said the party would be announcing their candidates before they submit their nominations.

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