Party helps victims

FIJI Labour Party (FLP) parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh says the party has continued to receive requests for assistance in the days after flooding caused by Tropical Cyclone Josie.

Mr Ravindra-Singh said they began distribution of items in areas most affected from last Tuesday.

“From the FLP side, we began distribution initially on Easter Monday,” he said.

“We understood Ba to be the worst area so our first trip was to Ba Town and surrounding areas. We went to Vatulaulau, Namosau, Votua and surrounding areas looking at the extent of damage and we went back with supplies on Tuesday.”

He said they had been in the process of distributing supplies over the past seven days, focusing first on areas in Ba that were hit hard by the flood.

“That was our first phase. We have now restocked so we now have three times the amount of items as before. We are now getting phone calls, text and Facebook messages from people who want assistance.

“They tell us their locations and that they need help.

“Now, we are responding to urgent appeals for help.”

Mr Ravindra-Singh said they had delivered assistance to about 400 families affected.

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