Party for talks in US

TOPICS such as the de-establishment of the Great Council of Chiefs, the proposed village bylaws and the Rotuma Bill will feature on the agenda of the 2017 Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Convention in the US.

The convention will take place this weekend and will be attended by party leader Sitiveni Rabuka, his wife Sulueti and party secretary general Adi Litia Qionibaravi.

“The topics to be discussed were suggested by our people here, and the convention working group identified members of the Fijian community who have been part of a global community that’s been documenting the reactions of people to the topics,” said working group secretary and SODELPA convention logistics officer, Vasiti Ritova.

“Other topics include issues of human rights, indigenous rights, the rights of minority groups like LGBTQ, the various multi-ethnic communities and critical topics like the failing health and education sectors. Former minister for women, social welfare and poverty alleviation Adi Asenaca Caucau is an authority on these topics and travels with a delegation to New York all the time. She is founding president of the California-based Fiji Indigenous People’s Foundation, and she and her board members will speak on these topics.”

Other speakers at the forum will include Ratu Isireli Vesikula and Dr Narayan Ram Raju.

“There is also a speak out session during the convention luncheon, and our delegates will freely speak their minds, and ask questions about SODELPA’s plans for the future. It’ll be a working luncheon, no time wasted, no one left behind,” said Ms Ritova.

She added while the convention would also allow attendees to speak with and raise their concerns with Mr Rabuka, they would also use it as a chance to fundraise for SODELPA’s election campaign budget for the 2018 polls.

“We don’t have a particular amount target but we certainly are hoping the usual Fijian camaraderie when we will sit together this weekend, share a sumptuous Sheraton meal together, sip some fine Sonoma wine, and discuss our critical issues, sing the national anthem with a different equilibrium and pray for Fiji, will produce some platform for a hearty fundraising session to round off the 2017 SODELPA Convention USA.”

The convention will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaluma, in wine county Sonoma.

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