Parole for ex-MPs

PORT VILA – Incarcerated former Vanuatu Prime Minister Serge Vohor and former Efate Rural Member of Parliament (MP) Steven Kalsakau are set to be released on parole today.

The two politicians who were jailed in 2015 with 12 other former MPs over charges of bribery and corruption of officials are the first of the group to gain the favour of the parole board.

Vanuatu Correctional Services director Johnny Marango confirmed that their application was accepted by the parole board because they would be reaching half of their sentence next Friday. Their release was likely the beginning of the release of all 12 of the former MPs except another former prime minister, Moana Carcasses, after the Appeal Court quashed their conviction for conspiracy charges on Friday last week.

Mr Marango explained that the two inmates were not released on compassionate grounds but were processed according to the normal parole procedure like all inmates.

“Vohor and Kalsakau will be inducted this coming Friday and issued with their parole licences which comes with conditions,” said the Correctional Services director.

The two former MPs received the lowest sentence of three years for one count each of Corruption & Bribery of Officials contrary to S.73 (2) of the Penal Code Act in October 2015.

Marango said the procedure involves completing half of their sentence, good behaviour and involvement in the rehabilitation programmes of the Correctional Services.

Meanwhile, he also informed that the Parole Board only sits once a month but there will be an extra ordinary sitting by the end of this month to deal with the application of another 11 former MPs.

“The other former MPs excluding Moana Carcasses are also eligible for parole after the Court of Appeal quashed their conviction of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice.”

The other MPs include Silas Yatan, Paul Telukluk, Tony Nari, John Amos, Arnold Prasad, Tony Wright, Sebastien Harry, Thomas Laken, Marcellino Pipite, Jonas James, and Jean Yves Chabod.

The release of the politicians is received with a mixed reaction from the general public but Marango emphasises that people should understand that they have met the requirements of the Parole Board.

“There are no special treatments. The board also received applications from other inmates, the two former MPs are part of a group of 12 that will be released.

“It is also against the law not to process a parole application for an inmate who is eligible.”

He said the granting of parole comes with conditions that the parolee will have to abide to once outside the Correctional Centre.

“If they breach their conditions, we will inform the parole board leading to a recall order.”

Former Prime Minister, Moana Carcasses who was convicted with a total of 18 charges altogether and serving four years imprisonment for each count concurrently will remain in custody for at least another 7 more months before being eligible for parole in October this year.

The Correctional Services Director added that while they are aware that it is up to the Public Prosecutor whether to pursue a retrial for the conspiracy case or not, the inmates concern will be processed for parole because currently they are free of the conspiracy charges.

Daily Post has inquired with the Public Prosecutor in regards to the issue and was informed a decision will be issued in the near future.

Vohor is a prominent and longtime serving politician who managed to hold on to the leadership of the Union of Moderate Party even behind bars.

He was reelected the President of UMP and there are reports are that supporters have welcomed his imminent release…..PACNEWS

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