* Prayer

* Confirmation of Minutes

* Communications from the Chair

* Presentation of papers and certain documents


* Alvick Maharaj to ask the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations — Can the minister advise the House on what strategies will the National Employment Centre implement in 2016 to decrease the unemployment rate;

* Ashneel Sudhakar to ask Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration — Can the minister inform this House on the police’s and relevant authority’s preventative and proactive measures in place to reduce surging cases of domestic violence and robberies;

* Jilila Kumar to ask the Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport — Can the minister inform this august House on the achievements of the 2015 Challenge Funds.

Motions for debate:

* Ro Teimumu Kepa to move — “That an independent review be undertaken to ensure that Parliament complies with its obligations under the section 115(14) of the Constitution that “Parliament shall ensure that adequate funding and resources are made available to the Commission to enable it to independently and efficiently exercise its powers and performs its functions and duties”;

* Mosese Bulitavu to move — “That a comprehensive review is done on the TLTB equal lease distribution system”;

* Ro Teimumu Kepa to move — “That the 2015 grant for the offices operation of both sides of the House should be subjected to normal ‘scrutiny’ under the Audit Act and the Finance Instruction 2010”; and

* Mosese Bulitavu to move — “That this House note that TLTB was created to provide the best services with effective use of native land and other resources at our disposal to meet expectation of our landowners, tenants, Government and other customers”. This House therefore calls on the Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Affairs and Sugar Industry to “allow TLTB to adopt a land innovation policy to facilitate a partnership between landowning units and tenants who are investors”

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