‘Parliament turned into a Micky Mouse house’

Opposition member of parliament Niko Nawaikula during the parliament opening yesterday. Picture: RAMA

THE fast-tracking of Bills under Standing Order 51 has turned Parliament into a ‘Micky Mouse house’, says Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Niko Nawaikula.

Mr Naiwaikula said the above while responding to a motion by Leader of Government in Parliament Inia Seruiratu for the House to adopt the parliamentary Standing Orders which was published and gazetted in 2017 in Parliament yesterday.

He said the Standing Order adopted in 2014 allowed MPs to a robust and healthy debate, adding that it also protected people’s rights.

The new amendment in the Standing Order on petitions, he claimed, would stop people even from the lowest strata of the land from taking their views to Parliament. Mr Nawaikula said Standing Order 51 should be amended to avoid the fast-tracking of Bills in Parliament.

“There are also amendments that need to be made on Standing Order 51 because it has made this Parliament look like a Micky Mouse house because every Bill has been brought under this provision,” he said.

Mr Nawaikula claimed the amendments made to the Standing Order was a clear intention to remove the rights of people and robust debates in Parliament.

Responding to the motion, Minister for Infrastructure Jone Usamate said it was sad that the Opposition had already started misleading people on the first day of Parliament.

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