Parishioners raise funds for pastoral work

Members of the St Theresa Paris during the Nadera Paris bazzar at Nadera in Nasinu on Saturday, August 25, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

OUR Lady of Fatima Parish in Nadera today (August 25) hosted their annual bazaar to help raise funds for their pastoral work.

Parish priest Father Timoci Kolodisi said there were 20 communities that are part of the parish.

“For this year is a budget that has been re-planned for our pastoral work within the communities of Nadera especially to serve the communities that are part of this parish starts from Laucala Beach to Laqere Bridge and we have 20 communities,” Fr Kolodisi said.

He said the communities aimed to raised more than $60,000 to assist with their pastoral work.

“So for each of those 20 areas they divided up the budget according to the strength of the numbers in its area.So some areas might have their target as $4,000 and some $3,000 and some as small as ones have to collect up to only $1,000,” he said.

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