Parents seek help for overcrowded school

PARENTS of children attending Yadua Village School in Bua have asked the Government to build a school library and an extra classroom.

The school has a roll of 45 students and four rooms that make up the school building.

In an interview, Yadua Village School chairman Tevita Rasuaki said the condition of the school building had deteriorated over the years.

“We need an extension of classrooms as there are only four rooms used by the students which were destroyed during Cyclone Evan, and when Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston hit this year the whole building went from bad to worse,” he said.

Mr Rasuaki said Year 1 and 2 students shared classrooms with the school’s main office.

“There is not enough space, but we are trying our best to send our children to school every day and we cannot do much even though we have sent letters to the Ministry of Education last year to offer some assistance in regards to our school building. We haven’t heard anything from them ” he said.

“We no longer have a library because our library is now occupied by Years 3 and 4.”

Mr Rasuaki said they only wished Suva was near to village so they could visit the Ministry of Education office personally instead of waiting for officials.

“It’s sad to see our children going to school and trying to look for a proper place to sit during classes because the rooms are small and congested,” he said.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, and National Disaster Management Joeli Cawaki toured the maritime area in the Northern Division last week with a government team.

He urged the Education Ministry representative present during the tour to Yadua to follow up on the progress of the submission by the villagers.

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