Parents embrace ‘special’ daughter

FIFTEEN years ago Anjana Devi and Vijay Kumar never suspected their daughter, Ramisha Dutt had Down syndrome.

Ms Devi said when her little girl was born she was so small and weighed 1.75 kilograms.

“I thought it was normal so I did not give it much thought nor did the medical officers advise me on her condition,” she said.

“It was at the age of two that my daughter Ramisha still could not walk so I figured something was wrong with her.

“Caring for her then was quite a hard job because I had to do everything for her and she was always my special child who needed me by her side every minute,

“Looking back I think it was this attachment that created a special bond between me and her.”

Ms Devi said rearing children with Down syndrome was a challenging task, considering they sometimes sought extra attention and pampering.

“My advice to parents of people living with DS is to love their children because they are special gifts,” she said.

“There are times when they test your patience but I always pray to God to give me the heart to meet my daughter’s need.”

Mr Kumar said their daughter was the apple of their eye.

“On Tuesday she told us that she was having World Down Syndrome Day celebrations in her school and she wanted us to be there to see her dance,” he said.

“She gave me a surprise because I have never seen her dance before.

“It was so good to be part of the celebration and to witness the abilities of these children.”

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