Parental support

PARENTS play a vital role in the promotion of Physical Education and the development of sports in primary schools.

Fiji Primary School Athletics Association (FPSAA) secretary Patrick Bower made this statement as part of his concern on issues regarding the lack of home-based support faced by some of Fiji’s young talented athletes.

“Parents support for physical and sporting activities in general is important for their child’s aspirations to excel whether in academic work or sports or it could be both,” Bower said.

He said sometimes parents refrained from supporting their children because of receiving negative information or impressions about sports from a variety of sources.

“These sources could be experience of poorly organised physical education lessons and impressions of other parents and teachers who are narrowly focussed on examinations.”

“Bower said teachers and experts could explain during parents and teachers association (PTA) meetings the important issues involved and how academic work and physical education could both help the child to become a better student.

“Parents who understand their children’s needs in learning would be in a better position to provide encouragement and support both in school and at home,” he said.

He made these comments to shed light on some on-going issues that hindered the physical and sporting developments of primary school students.

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