Paradise Beverage staff club feeds the homeless

A staff of Paradise Beverages serve food and hot drinks to those living on the street this morning. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

MORE than 15 staff of Paradise Beverages took to the streets of Suva this morning to help feed the homeless.

This initiative is part of their sports, social and health and well-being club’s first charitable activity for this year.

Club chairman Joe Rodan said the employees of the brewery held fundraisers every year to help those in need.

“We feed the homeless in Suva breakfast today. This is part of the first charitable activity that we’re carrying out for this year,” Mr Rodan said.

“Apart from this, we visit the father law home, Samabula Golden Age home, Dilkusha home where the funds the employees of Paradise Beverages raise are donated towards these charitable houses,” he added.

Mr Rodan said the major project this year was to renovate the Men’s ward at the CWM hospital in Suva.


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