Pangu Pati intact, says PNG minister

PORT MORESBY (THE NATIONAL)  – One of Papua New Guinea’s oldest political parties, Pangu, led by its parliamentary leader Sam Basil, said that it remains intact and will adhere to the decision of the National Court to meet on Oct 1 to elect the party leader.

Speaking on behalf of the Parliamentary Wing, Goilala MP and Minister assisting the Prime Minister on Constitutional Matters and Bougainville Affairs William Samb said the Parliament Wing 1 would continue to support Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Government until 2022.

He said stability and continuity were important and they would maintain their support even if there was an attempt for a no-confidence vote as speculated on Facebook.

He said the Wing 1 members of Pangu were behind their party leader to provide leadership in Government as the second largest coalition partner political party.

Samb said the party would not be moved by any critic.

“Any plans for a vote of no confidence is not for us. We are committed to the prime minister and the Government all the way to 2022,” he said.

Meanwhile, Samb said in relation to a recent court decision, the Parliamentary Wing of the party would meet in compliance to the orders of the court.

He said similarly, the Council of the Pangu Pati would hold its next meeting at 1.30pm on Oct 15 at the conference room of the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates.

Samb said as ordered, council members to attend would be national president Patrick Pundao, male vice-president Andrew Ilam, general, secretary Morris Tovebae and the parliamentary leader among others.

It also ordered that the agenda for the council meeting will be the agenda initially issued for the council meeting on Feb 19.

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