Panapasa: Nasilasila not first prisoner allowed to participate in public sports

Former national 7's play maker Amenoni Nasilasila trains with the Wardens team at the Suva Grammar grounds. Picture: RAMA/FILE

Former Fiji 7s player Amenoni Nasilasila is not the first prisoner to be allowed to participate in public sports nor he will he be the last.

Corrections Services director of Rehabilitation Senior Superintendent Salote Panapasa highlighted this saying Nasilasila has already had his day in court and is now under the care of the Fiji Correction Services.

“The Fiji Corrections Service knows what is best for Nasilasila, as we have professional psychologists and counsellors that have assessed him and similarly ensured that that he completed the necessary rehabilitation treatment programs to be eligible for such activities,” Panapasa said.

She said the recent commentary relating to the participation of prisoners in sports especially against Nasilasila training with the provincial side Namosi for the Skipper Cup, was “disheartening and counterproductive” to all the good work in the rehabilitation efforts at the Fiji Correction Service.

“We do not condone the actions of Nasilasila however it is our duty at FCS to positively address his offending behaviour. Nasilasila has displayed the necessary progress expected of him since his incarceration.”

“We implore the public to understand that one day all those in our Correction Centres will eventually return to society.

“They all deserve a second chance.”

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