Palm Sunday service

CATHOLICS were reminded yesterday that Palm Sunday was not about the Hong Kong 7s but a time to thank God for Calvary.

At the Palm Sunday mass in Labasa, parish priest Father Paul Tierney told about 500 parishioners that the special day also marked the beginning of the church’s Holy Week.

Fr Tierney urged the parishioners to appreciate and thank God for allowing his son to die on the cross on Calvary so every human being could live.

Other Christian denominations conducted dramas as they celebrated children’s Sunday in their own churches. Palm Sunday was a remembrance of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem City as he rode on a donkey.

At the Evangel Temple of the Assemblies of God church, children camped over the weekend to prepare for yesterday’s program.

For the Anglican church, children performed the drama of Jesus’s arrival into the city of Jerusalem.

Some held palm leaves in their hands and waved it in the air with shouts of “Hossana, hossana”.

The children of the Methodist Church in Nasea performed similar dramas.

The people of that city waved palm branches at him and gave him a hero’s welcome while calling out, “Hossana, hosanna”.

Palm branches, in those days, were considered symbols of victory and triumph at the time.

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